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Indoor Location
Intelligence & Analytics

With our plug and play solutions, we enable your applications to become location aware and create seamless experiences for your store visitors.

Indoor Positioning

Location Accuracy

In-store Heatmaps & Shopper Flows

Proximity Rewarding & Loyalty

Area Location
Data & Analytics

We analyze your data & combine them with our first party independent location data to provide insights on consumer behavior & competitive trends.

Area Visit Trends

Persona Flows

Day in a Life Shopper Surveys

Location Data Marketplace


With Shopmind platform we analyze raw transactional data and support the understanding of shopper behavior & opportunities.

Shopping Missions

Shopper Segments

Store Segmentation

Store Benchmarking

Featured by Industry

Technology solutions, location & transactional insights

For Retailers

We can help you create personalized omni-channel location aware experiences integrated in your application. With bespot solutions you can know when a visitor enters the store, what drives traffic and where consumers spend their time.

For HoReCa

Get turnkey solutions on proximity-based rewarding, attract nearby customers, and provide your clients with voucher services to boost your cashflow.

For Consumer Goods Suppliers

With bespot retail analytics solutions, you can understand the shopping missions related with your product categories. By visualizing persona flows, you get a 360 customer understanding to design your next campaign.

For Municipalities

With bespot white label rewarding, municipalities can support "open mall" rewarding solutions to support local stores. With bespot surveys, citizens share their concerns after public spots visits.

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